MINI /Micro LED Display is Entering an Era of Industrialization: CMMA President Li Jun

15 Mar,2021

On March 25, the First Member Conference and New Generation Display Industry High-Quality Development Forum were held in Beijing by CMMA, the MINI /Micro LED Display Industry Branch of the China Video Industry Association. Chairman Li Jun of Leyard was elected as the first president of CMMA.


Chairman Li Jun of Leyard elected as the first president of CMMA


Li Jun, Chairman of Leyard and President of CMMA delivers a speech

After years of scientific and technological breakthroughs, MINI /Micro LED display technology has entered the stage of industrialization and become the mainstream of the new generation of display technology. With early R & D in this field, China has as many technology reserves and patent layout as developed countries and is expected to achieve "overtake on the bend". As industry authorities provide strong for MINI/MICRO LED display technology, the backbone enterprises in the upstream and downstream of the display industry chain have branched out into the field. The MINI/MICRO LED display industry has entered a fast track of development and offered new impetus for the high-quality development of the display industry.

Leyard as a responsible innovator

LED display applications have been confronted with huge challenges as the COVID-19 pandemic ravaged through the world and brought exchanges and economic growth to a halt. Against this background, the LED industry has tried to revolutionize the products by taking advantage of the transformation to 4K and 8K technology in the industry, and it has managed to maintain its huge growth by expanding domestic demand and ensuring resumption of work and production. As the Micro LED technology matures, it is expected to become the mainstream of a new generation of technology. This has prompted LED display enterprises, LED chips and other enterprises to invest in this field and accelerated the technological advancements.

While addressing the conference, Li Jun, Chairman of Leyard and President of CMMA said: "The Mirco LED industry has yet to make currently further breakthroughs in key technologies such as mass transfer and driver circuit, but we believe, guided by national industrial policies and powered by technologies and investments, the industry will collaborate with universities and research institutes to break the technological hurdles and usher in the era of the Mini/Micro LED industrialization."

"CMMA is designed to drive the industrialization of MINI /Micro LED displays. Leyard will give full play to its role as the president unit and unite all enterprises in the industrial chain to make concerted efforts to set standards, improve output and reduce costs. By doing so, we can step up the industrialization, scale and commercialization of MINI /Micro LED display."


Jiang Yi, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Leyard Group, delivers a keynote speech

Since the establishment of mass production base of MINI/MICRO LED displays in Wuxi last year (Lijing Microelectronics), Leyard has continued to increase its investments in the R&D of MINI/MICRO LED backlight display technology, and cooperated with partners in the layout of core materials and process fields, so as to gather advantages in technology, product, efficiency and ecology. This year, Lyard has reached strategic cooperation with TCL CSOT. Both sides will carry out all-round and in-depth cooperation in such fields as MINI LED backlight and MICRO LED direct display and jointly accelerate the industrialization of the MINI/MICRO LED new products.

Mini/Micro LED Display Industry Fund:joint efforts to build supply chain

At present, the demands for MINI/MICROLED display products have skyrocketed, but there are still some technological bottlenecks in key material equipment. The bottlenecks can be broken by making professional investments to bring the joint efforts of the upstream and downstream. Against this background, CMMA and China Merchant Capital (Beijing) jointly initiated the Mini/Micro LED Display Industry Fund.


Sixth from right: Li Jun, Chairman of Leyard and President of CMMA delivers a speech

The inauguration of the fund will bring together the upper, middle and lower streams of the industry for the first time, and enhance the advantages of technology and supply chains, which is of great significance for the rapid development of the industry.

The Fund will be responsible for three major tasks: first, it is expected to strengthen the top-level design and strive for investment policy support; second, it is designed to optimize investment mechanism and expand investment and financing channels; and finally it is tasked with establishing a multi-level communication and coordination mechanism in which the Fund will guide the industry to remove hurdles and difficulties in the industrial chain.

As a next step, the association will establish industry funds and a multi-level communication and coordination mechanism including ministries and commissions, industry associations, leading enterprises and senior experts, and build project communication channels by making full use of the China Video Industry Association and CMMA. The association will tilt the investments to key links in the chain to continuously optimize the industrial structure, and strengthen the weak links and replace them with imported products.

One rule holds true in history. New technologies breed new opportunities which spawn new products to cultivate new markets. As the LED display industry has entered the new era of MINI/MICRO LED display, we are also accelerating the commercialization of MINI/MICRO technology. Based on competitive differentiation, we will work hard to build a world-class LED Chinese national brand known for reputation, innovation and quality.

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