All-in-one Video Conferencing Equipment Empowered by Intelligent Display and Digital Technology Ushers in Spring

01 Feb,2021

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Challenges coexist with opportunities. COVID-19 outbreak in 2020 hit the global economy hard, but undoubtedly brought new opportunities for business.

COVID-19 accelerates technology maturity, all-in-one video conferencing equipment ushers in spring

Applications including online office, online education and telemedicine have been exploding in popularity for COVID-19 containment, and a powerful digital office trend has emerged. Commercial display products and technologies represented by all-in-one conferencing equipment enter rapid growth stage.

For keeping up with smart and digital industry trends in the era of big data, conference room commercial display is becoming smarter gradually from an initial single display center to a multi-functional integrated system. All-in-one LED conferencing equipment has been launched at the right moment.

Unlike the original conference display equipment, the all-in-one LED conferencing equipment integrates HD display, video conferencing, wireless transmission, touch writing and HMI. It is also a touch LED screen suitable for scenarios including large conference room, multi-function hall, and exhibition, and improves conference collaboration efficiency significantly.

As a standard product incorporating power supply and control system, the all-in-one LED conferencing equipment is better than the traditional splicing screen for easy-to-install and seamless splicing technology.

Major display manufacturers and TV terminal brands are increasing investment in intelligent conferencing commercial display products and introducing new offerings amid COVID-19. All of a sudden, intelligent all-in-one conferencing products are everywhere.

New technology penetrates in the field, all-in-one LED conferencing equipment becomes more intelligent and smarter

Existing intelligent LED conferencing commercial displays generally integrate a display screen and conferencing software features. Some manufacturers take the lead in introducing Mini LED technology and some other producers such as Leyard have adopted Micro LED, the ultimate display solution.

This year we were the first manufacturer to advance the Micro LED technology and product innovation, and have launched Micro LED-based TXP 135-inch and 162-inch 4K UHD all-in-one conferencing equipment. Micro LED all-in-one conferencing equipment takes huge step forward in image quality compared to most commercially available products.

In addition to the eye-catching Micro LED technology, Leyard all-in-one LED conferencing equipment also performs remarkably well in design and software features.

In terms of design, Leyard all-in-one LED conferencing equipment integrates modular housing, power supply system and in-house control system. The product is extremely thin and light, and the screen is only 20mm thick at the thinnest part, which is much thinner and more aesthetic than common products.

In terms of conferencing software features, we have been granted registration certificates of notation software, conferencing whiteboard software, document management system, conferencing board sidebar software, and keep improving conferencing features and experience.

Another highlight: Leyard in-house main control chip

Equipped with powerful video processing and database operation capabilities, broadcast video and image processing technology and accurate color reduction system, this chip supports 3840Hz refresh rate, ultra-fast dynamic display, low brightness and high grey scale, enables flexible adjustment of brightness, contrast and color temperature, outputs excellent video images for meetings, and addresses new market demand.

Leyard all-in-one LED conferencing equipment is now available in series IAT and TXP, a variety of sizes including 108-inch, 110-inch, 135-inch, 136-inch, 162-inch, 165-inch, 216-inch and 220-inch, and resolution options including 2K/2K+/4K. As an early entrant, we have witnessed the history of innovation and upgrade of all-in-one LED conferencing equipment.

Not only LED, but also LCD all-in-one conferencing equipment gains a foothold

While all-in-one LED conferencing equipment becomes unstoppable, all-in-one LCD conferencing equipment gains a foothold in scenarios such as small conference room for cost-effectiveness and will be complementary to all-in-one LED conferencing equipment in the near future. Leyard SA95T all-in-one infrafred conferencing equipment is an example.

This equipment is available in sizes from 65-inch to 100-inch, is suitable for small and medium meeting rooms, supports anti-glare UHD display and a wide range of colors, and provides super video effects required by audience.

In particular, the 100-inch model provides wider color gamut (98% NTSC) than that of most market available products (75% NTSC). Its brightness can reach 550cd/㎡, compared to 350cd/㎡ of common commercially available products.

In terms of conferencing software features, the all-in-one infrared conferencing equipment is also equipped with 20-point touch control, ±1mm writing accuracy and single pen two-color writing, and supports smart applications including wireless projection, quarter screen and reverse touch.

It should be noted that the equipment also supports dual WiFi design. It can connect to a WiFi internet during wireless projection, enabling the simultaneous use of WiFi network and hotspot projection. Therefore, third-party video conferencing software can use the audio/video device of Leyard intelligent conferencing tablet to enable audio/video calls.

Therefore, Leyard all-in-one infrared equipment meets the current intelligent conferencing market demand in terms of display technology and conferencing features, and is expected to gain a foothold in small and medium-sized conferencing markets in the short-term.


All-in-one video conferencing equipment empowered by intelligent display and digital technology will keep reaching out

The integration of intelligent display and big data that can be described as the magic weapons of all-in-one conferencing equipment promotes industrial upgrading of the equipment.

Combining HD display, HMI, and sensor technology, the all-in-one conferencing equipment is not only a vehicle, but also a data portal that delivers the value of intelligence, digitization, and interconnection.

With a promising future ahead, intelligent all-in-one conferencing equipment business will see fierce competition.

In addition to gaining expertise, display manufacturers also take cross-border cooperation with professional big data technology developers as an important way to enjoy first-mover advantage in the conferencing commercial display field. We have already taken this step. Everything is as planned.

In June and July 2020, we reached in-depth cooperation with UAE, a domestic leading cloud computing and big data service provider, and 3BuCloud, an outstanding video communication service provider for exploring the new blue sea of conferencing commercial display.

With intelligent display technology and digital technology, Leyard intelligent all-in-one conferencing equipment is expected to take another step forward.

Obviously, intelligent all-in-one conferencing equipment, especially all-in-one LED conferencing equipment has become the darling of the new era. TrendForce's latest Global LED Display Market Outlook and Price and Cost Analysis 2021 shows that all-in-one LED conferencing equipment has gained more attention after the ISE 2020 and has become a major trend in 2020-2021.

While intelligent all-in-one conferencing equipment mainly serves office meetings, it is expected to soon penetrate sectors including telemedicine, emergency command and home theater as new display and digital technologies continue to evolve and mature.

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+86-755-2985 8016