Transparent LED Screen Makes No Shelter More Creative

10 Dec,2020

Development Opportunities for Transparent LED Screen Manufacturers

Now whether it is home decoration or commercial space decoration, people especially love to use floor-to-ceiling glass to make the space more transparent, and the overall look will be more spacious. The space design of villas, 4S stores, and luxury stores follow this principle. However, for commercial spaces, too much transparent glass decoration will appear boring and monotonous, and there will not be enough advertising space to deliver more brands and product content to the public. Although the indifferent style appears high-end image, it is not conducive to commercial sales. So, how to have both of the advatages above?

The transparent LED screen is undoubtedly the best choice to solve this problem at the moment, and the custom shape LED screen can also bring advertisers and designers the possibility of achieving more creativity, so that transparent LED screen manufacturers can find business opportunities.


The Transparent LED Display Manufacturer Introduces the Principle and Application of Transparent LED Screen to You

1. Principle

The transparent LED display is based on the traditional LED display. It uses aluminum profile box and ultra-thin PCB board as the support structure. The light bars are arranged in parallel with blinds. A certain light-emitting technology is used to make the light-emitting angle and the PCB surface parallel to light. In this way, the transparent effect of the frame is hardly seen from a distance without affecting indoor lighting.

2. Application

  • For shop windows or internal partitions

  • Used for advertising display in restaurants, shopping malls or other buildings on internal and external curtain walls or chain stores

  • Airport, 4S shop, museum, science and technology museum, company internal display

  • Stage construction for exhibitions, concerts, celebrations, etc.


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