VMF Interactive Floor LED Screen
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Floor Screen -VMF LED Stage Floor

VMF series is a new generation of interactive induction floor tile screens of Leyard Wisdom Display. Its built-in induction system

adds interactive fun functions, which can track people's movement trajectory, to present real-time interactive picture effects,

and realize unlimited creative possibilities. The VFM series is fully waterproof (can be washed directly with water), wear-resis_x005f_x005f_x005f_x0002_tant, non-slip, high bearing ability and durable. It is widely used in stage rentals, entertainment centers, shopping malls, theaters,

TV stations, bars, discos, hotels, etc. due to .

Pixel Pitch:

P2.97,P3.91, P4.81, P5.2, P6.25

Features of LED Stage Floor

VMF Interactive Floor Tiles Series

Interactive LED screen will bring users more realistic scene experience!
VMF Interactive Floor Tiles Series

Smart Interaction

Equipped with smart sensor chips, all creativity and imagination are in the immersive dynamic interactive experience space, creating a high-level, all-round interactive experience for tourists
Smart Interaction

Highest Protection Grade IP65

Advanced glue filling technology, with waterproof rubber ring, perfectly waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof to IP68, which can be used for various inside and outside occasions
Highest Protection Grade IP65

High-Performance Load-Bearing

The load-bearing capacity reaches 2 tons/sqm, which can cope with direct trampling on high heels, rolling on vehicles, etc.
High-Performance Load-Bearing

Intelligent Control

Support smart phone wireless control, equipped with more than 100 interesting interactive materials, switch at will.
Intelligent Control

Simple and Fast Installation

Without the help of tools, the guide rails are laid directly on site, and the positioning pins are aligned to install
Simple and Fast Installation

Cabinet Front service

Front service through the front maintenance of the rechargeable suction plate.3s to replace,simple and fast.
Cabinet Front service

VMF Panel Specification

Part NumberVMF3.9VMF4.81VMF4.81VMF5.2VMF5.2VMF6.25VMF6.25
Pixel Pitch3.91mm4.81mm4.81mm5.2mm5.2mm6.25mm6.25mm
LED ConfigurationSMD 1921SMD 1921SMD 1921SMD 1921SMD 1921SMD 1921/2727SMD 1921/2727
Pixel Density65536dot/m243264dot/m243264dot/m236864dot/m236864dot/m225600dot/m225600dot/m2
Module Size250X250mm250X250 / 200X200mm250X250 / 200X200mm
Module Resolution64X64dot52X52dot52X52dot48X48dot48X48dot40X40dot / 32X32dot40X40dot / 32X32dot
Cabinet Size500X1000X75mm500X500X45mm500X1000X75mm500X500X45mm500X1000X75mm500X500X45 / 400X400X45mm500X1000X75 / 400X800X75mm
Cabinet Resolution128X256dot104X104dot104X208dot96X96dot96X192dot80X80 / 64X64dot80X160 / 64X128dot
Cabinet Weight25kg11.5/12.5kg25kg11.5/12.5kg25kg[11.5/12.5kg] / [9.0/10.0kg]25kg / 20kg
Load Bearing1.5t/m/²
IP Rating  ( front/back)IP65 / IP54

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