What Are the Two Packaging Methods for Outdoor LED Displays?

08 Dec,2021

The outdoor LED display has the packaging modes of the dip and SMD. What are the differences between these two packaging modes? The following is a detailed introduction by the LEYARD VTEAM (SHENZHEN) CO., LTD.

1. Dip packaging of the outdoor LED display panels

The dip package is the abbreviation of the dual inline pin package, commonly known as the in-line LED display. The lamp beads are produced by the LED lamp bead packaging factory, and then inserted into the LED circuit board lamp board, then the semi-outdoor LED unit board and the outdoor waterproof LED unit board are produced by the wave soldering.

Outdoor LED Displays

In the early stage, red, green, blue, red and green lights are inserted into PCP to form an RGB pixel; In the later stage, three RGB chips can be packaged in one bulb, that is the three in one full-color flexible outdoor LED display.

However, whether the single lamp RGB or the three in one RGB, the point spacing is limited by the lamp bead diameter, so it is difficult to have a higher density outdoor display screen. They have good protection performance, but the viewing angle is fixed and inaccurate that generally between 100-110, which is suitable for the outdoor large-distance display screens.

At present, the production organization of the dip display screen is complex, it is difficult to realize the mechanized production, and the production efficiency is low. The quality of the display screen depends on the quality of the lamp beads which are produced by the lamp bead factory. Each batch can not be well controlled, so the quality is unstable.

In addition, because many outdoor LED display dip manufacturers do not have the high technology and equipment threshold, the competition becomes very fierce. Many manufacturers use inferior raw materials, low-quality PCB boards and imperfect after-sales guarantee to reduce the costs and gain the market share.

The dip products have a rough appearance and a visual angle of only 100-110 degrees. Although they have poor quality and high energy consumption, they are environmentally friendly and low price. At present, they can still occupy a strong market share in the outdoor p8-p20 market.

Outdoor LED Display Panels

2. SMD packaging mode of outdoor LED display panels

SMD package is the abbreviation of surface mounted devices, which means one of the components of SMT (surface mount technology). In the early stage of the electronic circuit board production, the via assembly is completely completed manually.

When the first automated machines were introduced, they could place the simple pins, but the complex parts still needed to be placed manually to be welded. The surface mount components were introduced about 20 years ago, and a new era was born.

From the passive components to the active components and the integrated circuits, they will eventually be transformed into surface mount devices (SMD), which can be assembled by the pick-up unit. It was thought that all the pin assemblies could be encapsulated in SMD for a long time. The SMD technology is widely used in the high quality outdoor LED display screen.

Three in one is an SMD technology of the LED display screen, which encapsulates the SMT lamps encapsulated by the three LED chips with the different primary colors in the same colloid according to a certain distance.

The overall viewing angle of the full-colour outdoor LED display panels screen made by the three in one patch technology is greater than a dip, the surface can be treated with the light diffuse reflection, no particle effect and good colour uniformity.


In terms of the color, the three in one full-colour is easier than the three spells one, and the color saturation is high. Three in one can make the whole surface glow, so the color of the whole three in one is more uniform. The overall flatness of the three in one is easier to control. It has become the standardized technology of the outdoor LED display screen.

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+86-755-2985 8016