V-Rhea Indoor LED Screen Rental

V-Rhea Indoor Rental LED Screen

V-Rhea is a new generation of indoor rental LED screens with a strong frame design, the modular design of cabinets, modules and power boxes. This rental LED backdrop screen chooses black SMD1515 and dark black masks to make better effects with a low grayscale.  And the rental indoor LED screen adopts front and back service to make cabinet maintenance more convenient.

Pixel Pitch

P2.5 / P2.9 / P3.9 / P4.8

Features of Indoor Rental LED Screen

Light Weight

Lightweight and strong, die-cast aluminum frame with 8.6kg/panel
Light Weight

Internal and External Arc Design

Unique fast lock, easy and fast assembling, adopt 4 arcs (-5° -25° 0° 5°)
Internal and External Arc Design

Protection Corner Design

Better protection for cabinet and module when standing and transporting
Protection Corner Design

Quick Installation

Advanced locking system for quick and easy installation
Quick Installation

Front/Rear Service

Modular design, front and rear maintenance, independent disassembling cabinet
Front/Rear Service

V-Rhea Panel Specification

Part NumberV-Rhea-2.5V-Rhea-2.9V-Rhea3.9V-Rhea-4.8
Pixel Pitch2.5mm2.97mm3.91mm4.81mm
LED Configuration SMD1515SMD1515SMD2121SMD2121
Pixel Density 160000dot/m2112896dot/m265536dot/m243264dot/m2
Module Size500x250X15mm
Module Resolution 200x100dot168x84dot128x64dot104x52dot
Cabinet Size500x500x81mm
Cabinet Resolution 200x200dot168x168dot128x128dot104x104dot
Cabinet Weight 8.6kg /Panel
IP Rating ( front/back)IP30
Brightness 1000-1500CD/m21000-1500CD/m21000-1500CD/m21000-1500CD/m2

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