Control Mode of Outdoor LED Display Screen

22 Oct,2020

At present, outdoor LED display screen occupies 80% of outdoor media advertising field and becomes a new carrier of large-scale outdoor media advertising. Wireless control LED display technology is now available. Common wireless control methods for outdoor LED display include:

1. WIFI Wireless Control

Working principle: Install a wireless controller or other wireless devices and bridge it to an existing wireless network to build wireless WIFI, so that the network controller card can easily integrate and control the wireless network.

Features: No wiring, easy installation and debugging, fast data transmission speed.

2. Radio Frequency Wireless Control

Working principle: One side of the RF module is located on the control computer. The other side is located on the serial port of the control card. After the driver is installed in the computer, a virtual serial port is created to transmit data.

Features: Easy to install and debug, data transmission distance up to 300-1000 meters, no cost after use.

3. GPRS Wireless Control

Working principle: After the GPRS module is powered on, the dial-up Internet connection process is completed. It is connected to the data center server. Customers access the server through the client software and transmit information from the server.

Features: Convenient installation and debugging, no distance limitation. Information can be received where there is mobile phone signal. The price is relatively low.

4. 4G Wireless Control

Working principle: it is basically the same as 3G/GPRS.

Features: Fast transmission speed, complete real-time control, immediate response to relevant control commands. If the amount of data transmitted is large, the flow cost will be higher, so it is best to use the flow packet.

5. 3G (WCDMA) Wireless Control

Working principle: 3G module is also connected to the data center server through wireless network. Customers directly log in to the global collaborative content cloud platform to release the plan, which is directly transmitted from the server to the control card.

Features: WCDMA signal is stable. Data loss rarely occurs during program transmission. Picture or video transmission speed is faster than GPRS, which is more suitable for outdoor LED monitor.

All above are the control modes of outdoor LED display screen, and please contact us if you still have confusions.

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