Leyard Vteam 1738㎡ Led Transparent Screen, Lighting Up Taizhou Rainbow, saluting To The Heroes In Harm's Way

29 Apr,2020

Leyard vteam 1738㎡ LED transparent screen in Taizhou rainbow shopping center, Let the curtain wall of shopping center changed into a large media display, during the epidemic situation, the large screen salutes to the medical staffs in first line! Salute to heroes, cheer for Wuhan.

Leyard Vteam  Led Transparent Screen,saluting To The Heroes In Harm’s Way

Leyard Vteam  Led Transparent Screen,saluting To The Heroes In Harm’s Way  2

Leyard vteam LED transparent screen, saluting to the heroes in harm's way

Taizhou rainbow shopping center opened before new year, it is the first shopping center in Taizhou city, Jiangsu Province, and also the 91st large-scale store in the country.business area is about 60000 square meters, six floors in total. Leyard vteam transparent screens transform the glass curtain wall of the shopping center from the second floor to the sixth floor into a large media screen, which brings different shopping experience to Taizhou citizens through amazing visual images.

Leyard Vteam Transparent Display ,creating New Year Atmosphere

Leyard vteam transparent display, creating New Year atmosphere

Traditional shopping centers mainly distribute and paste posters for marketing. Through Leyard vteam transparent display, Rainbow shopping center can remotely display the new year's marketing video on the glass curtain wall of the shopping center, with a large cool image, making rainbow become the most eye-catching shopping center in this business district in an instant.

Leyard Vteam Transparent Display,new Year Marketing Videos

Leyard vteam transparent display, new year marketing videos

Leyard vteam transparent display, let rainbow 1738㎡ glass curtain wall, becomes the best window for offline marketing of shopping center. Leyard vteam transparent display has 5000cd/㎡ brightness, which is bright and colorful. It is still clear and dazzling under strong light. No matter day or night, it can attract the attention of passing traffic and people.

Leyard Vteam Transparent Display,rainbow Shopping Center

Leyard vteam transparent display, Tiktok marketing, web celebrity screen

Before the ordinary glass curtain wall has become the visual focus of attracting customers after it is integrated into Leyard vteam transparent display. In the marketing of rainbow shopping center, the colorful LED transparent display has become a platform for brands to get through online and offline marketing. Fans TikTok's daily attendance on the LED transparent big screen will show the message, instantly making the shopping center a popular web celebrity place.

Leyard Vteam Transparent Display,tiktok  Marketing, Web Celebrity Screen

Leyard vteam transparent display, transparent image

Leyard vteam transparent display is a new type of transparent LED screen, which has the characteristics of transparent display, simple application, intelligent control, high brightness and energy-saving, high transparency and high definition. Do not change the permeability of the original position, and do not affect the indoor&outdoor appearance of the building.

Leyard Vteam Transparent Display,transparent Image

Leyard vteam transparent display, rainbow shopping center

In the immovable building, the changing content will bring new vitality to space. The application of Leayrd vteam transparent display in the glass curtain wall of the shopping center provides various cool dynamic images for the marketing activities of the shopping center, making the offline marketing activities more creative and attracting more eyeballs. Leyard vteam transparent display will become an important marketing tool for the quality and class-level improvement of more and more shopping centers.

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