Fine Pitch LED

The fine pitch LED video wall product has an ultra-thin, ultra-light structure, 4K and HDR display effects. The ultra thin led screen supports a variety of installation methods, such as hanging and stacking. The fine pitch LED video wall can build screens with various effects, such as flat or curved surfaces. Leyard fine pitch LED display is the best choice for commercial retail, high-end conference, intelligent transportation and other commercial display applications.
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P0.9375 / P1.25 / P1.5625 / P1.875
Fine pitch | Full color fine pitch LED products with front service
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P0.968 / P1.0 / P1.25 / P1.579 / P1.875 / P2.0 / P2.5 / P3.0
Fine pitch | Full color creative LED fine pitch products
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P0.945 / P1.18 / P1.26 / P1.454 / P1.575 / P1.89 / P2.5 / P4
Fine pitch | Full color super thin fine pitch LED products
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Outdoor HD 4K/8K Small-pitch LED Screen

Fine Pitch LED Can Be Applied In

Architecture & Design
Architecture & Design
Architecture & Design
Rental Event
High-End Retail
Command Center
Commercial Advertising
Broadcast & TV
Creative LED Solutions

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Fine Pitch LED
Fine Pitch LED
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Fine Pitch LED FAQs

How to choose a suitable small pixel pitch LED display?

Choosing a small pixel pitch LED display requires the following five aspects: space issues, price issues, maintenance issues, fill factor, color temperature adjustment. The price of LED TV display panel is competitive at Leyard.

What exactly does the small-pitch LED display mean?

Generally, the distance between the two lights of our fine pitch LED display is very small, in principle smaller than P2.5 is called a HD screen.

What are the advantages of small-pitch LED displays in conference rooms?

The advantages of small pitch LED display mainly include seamless splicing, large adjustable range of brightness, adjustable range of color temperature, wide viewing angle, high contrast, long life, etc.

In which areas are led small pitch screens used?

Generally small pitch screens are used in conference halls, concerts, command centers, science and technology buildings, square shopping malls, airport and railway stations, etc.

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