6 Points to Teach You to Identify Qualified and High-Quality LED Transparent Screen Power Supply

08 Aug,2020

Qualified and high-quality LED power supplies have a significant improvement effect on the energy-saving effect and service life of the LED transparent screen, while inferior LED power supplies have a direct hazard to the life and display of the LED transparent screen. So, how to correctly identify whether the purchased LED transparent screen power supply is of high quality? It can be considered from the following six aspects:

1. Look at the Process of Appearance

The good transparent LED screen manufacturer are very strict with the process. The reason is that only this can guarantee the consistency of product batches. The appearance, tin surface, and arrangement of components of power supplies produced by irresponsible manufacturers will never be good.

2. Look at Full Load Efficiency

Power efficiency is the most important indicator. The high-efficiency power supply has a high energy conversion rate, which not only meets the requirements of energy saving and environmental protection, but also can actually save electricity and money for users.

3. The Output Voltage Ripple of the Constant Voltage Power Supply Is Large

The size of the voltage ripple has a great impact on the life of the LED transparent screen, the smaller the ripple, the better.

4. Observe the Temperature Rise When the Power Supply is Working

Temperature rise affects the stability and life of the power supply, the lower the temperature rise, the better. In addition, it can also be seen from the efficiency that the general high temperature rise of efficiency will be small.

5. It Is Recommended to Choose a Model With 30% More Output Power Rating

For example, if the system requires a 200W power supply, it is recommended to select a model with a rated output power greater than 260W. By analogy, the life of the power supply can be effectively improved.

6. According to the Attributes of LED Transparent Display Products

When playing a video or picture, an instantaneous current is usually generated, which places stricter requirements on the power supply of transparent LED screen display. Generally, in order to ensure the normal broadcast of the LED transparent screen, a certain margin must be reserved for the power supply. Generally speaking, the more the margin is reserved, the more stable the performance of the power supply product and the longer the life span. However, this will increase the cost of the power supply product, and too much reserve can easily lead to waste. It is recommended that the LED transparent screen power supply generally reserves about 10% margin.

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