Six Methods of LED Display Installation

04 Oct,2020

LED display products are currently used in many fields in the market. According to different application fields and installation environments, LED display installation methods are also different. We have sorted out a set of LED display panel installation methods for your reference.

1. Suspension Type

This installation method is mostly used indoors and semi-outdoors such as the entrances of passages, corridors, stations, railway stations and subway stations, etc. The design of screen body generally adopts integrated cabinet design or hoisting structure design.

2. Mosaic Type

The whole LED display panel is embedded in the wall. The display plane is in the same level with the wall surface. Generally, it adopts simple box design and front maintenance design. This installation method is used both indoors and outdoors such as building entrances, building halls, etc, but it is generally applied to screens with small spacing and small display area.

3. Column Type

There are many installation methods of column type, which are generally used as outdoor billboards. Single column installation method is suitable for small panel. Double column installation method is suitable for large panel. Closed maintenance channel is suitable for simple box. Open maintenance channel is suitable for standard box.

4. Wall Mounting Type

This installation method is usually used indoors or semi-outdoors. If the display area of the screen is small with no maintenance channel space, the whole screen needs to be taken down for maintenance or made into a folding integrated frame. If the screen area is slightly larger, the front maintenance design which usually adopts the column assembling method is generally adopted.

5. Roof Installation Type

The key to this installation method is that the display screen and the steel frame structure can resist wind. Generally, it is installed with an oblique angle or the module is designed at an oblique angle of 8. It is mostly used for outdoor advertising display.

6. Leasing Hoisting Mode

The hoisting screen should not be large. General area requirement is less than 6M*10M with exceptions for special cabinet materials and curtain styles. The top is equipped with a lifting beam for lifting the screen and the bottom is equipped with a bottom beam. The row and row boxes are connected by a hoisting mechanism. The horizontal boxes are tightened with locks.

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