How Much Does the LED Small Pitch Screen Cost? How to Calculate?

12 Jan,2021

Friends who have been in the LED display industry for more than ten years may find that in recent years, users have increasing demand in large LED displays. In addition to the appearance and structure requirements of display products, it also needs to meet the display requirements of special application scenarios, such as big data exhibition halls, conference lecture halls, radio and television stations, traffic command centers and so on. Under this circumstance, the LED small-pitch display came into being, which also corresponds to the new trend of the LED display market.

Important Factors that Affect the Price of LED Small Pitch Screens

LED small-pitch screens are different from traditional displays on the market. Product quality has been greatly improved, although the price is more expensive. LED small-pitch displays are generally used indoors, and the screen needs to be fully displayed in high definition. Therefore, there will be no distortion or blurring of the picture when viewed at close range. Therefore, the quality of small pitch LED screens on the market is uneven. The price also varies from a few thousand square meters to tens of thousands of square meters. The editor of LEYARD VTEAM (SHENZHEN) CO., LTD summarized some important factors affecting prices:

Fine Pitch LED Display

  • The LED dot pitch determines the price of the display. The general dot pitch of small flexible LED screen is below 2mm, mainly including P2.0, P1.8, P1.6, P1.5, P1.2, P0.9 and so on. Every time the midpoint distance drops, its price will be much higher. For example, the price of P2.0 may be only a few thousand yuan per square, while the price of P1.5 is tens of thousands of one square. The price difference between the two is very large.

  • Brand of lamp beads. The core of the small-pitch LED screen is the lamp bead. The brand of the lamp bead is very important, which is directly related to the purchase cost of the small-pitch screen product. The brand of the lamp beads determines the quality of the entire display and the rate of lamp drop. At present, the relatively high-end lamp bead brands in China are Xingguang, Xingshan Jingmi and so on. The quality and service of brand lamp beads are guaranteed, so they are relatively more expensive.

  • Installation materials. There are two installation methods for LED small-pitch screens, namely cabinet and module. In order to ensure the quick installation of the display screen and reduce the light-off rate, a cabinet needs 4 modules. Therefore, the cabinet installation is more expensive than the module installation.

As a purchaser of fine pitch LED display, you must comprehensively compare various factors of the display screen and choose a product with appropriate price and performance. For example, the difference in LED dot pitch is a few tenths of a millimeter, and the price difference is tens of thousands. LEYARD is a leader in the global display industry, and the global market share of LED display products has ranked first for three consecutive years. The small pitch screen is regarded by the industry as a representative of the next generation of display technology. Its products have huge advantages in three aspects: reliability, image quality and protection, so they are more concerned and favored by users.

Fine Pitch LED Video Wall

Flexible Led Screen Manufacturer

LEYARD VTEAM (SHENZHEN) CO., LTD is one of the core companies in the display sector of Leyard Group. The flexible LED screen manufacturer's main products include flexible LED conformal screens, LED transparent screens, LED grid screens, LED floor tile screens, LED creative screens, LED film screens, LED small pitch screens, conference all-in-one machines and so on, which are widely used in stage dance, advertising media, Sports events, bar entertainment, radio and television, convention and exhibition centers, large-scale product launches, automobile 4S shops, sky screens, arcs, spheres, and cube creative modeling applications. The company effectively achieves brand promotion, product display, and eye-catching effects for customers.

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+86-755-2985 8016