Transparent LED Displays Successfully Dominate Our Daily Lives

20 Dec,2021

1. Development of smart LED display

In the past, the smart LED display screen was usually used for commodity publicity, store decoration, popularization of knowledge, the release of the celebration words of various major festivals or the LED navigation instructions of the road traffic, etc.

However, with the improvement of the cultural level, people have higher requirements for the appearance of the smart LED display screen, and the technology of the led enterprises is constantly optimized and upgraded, which has changed the function of the smart LED display screen.

Nowadays, the touch screen LED smart display is no longer just a carrier of cultural information, but also a "work of art" to beautify life. It can be seen that the commercial value of the smart LED display has gradually turned to the field of culture and art, especially the creative smart LED display screen with the novel and unique appearance that can attract the people's attention, which is the best carrier to reflect the artistic value of the LED display screen.

On the one hand, due to the complex process and the limited application occasions of the creative smart LED display, it can not be produced on a large scale, which creates its scarcity and uniqueness.

On the other hand, because of the uniqueness of the creative smart LED display technology, which does not only avoid the unnecessary homogeneous competition, but also the price will not become the decisive factor for the consumers to choose it because it is a work of art, so the profit margin of the product will also be greatly improved.

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2. Main characteristics of transparent LED video screen

The permeability of the transparent LED video screen can reach 60% ~ 90%. Because it is transparent and ventilated, which will not affect the original daylighting and line of sight of the building, especially the design beauty of the building appearance;

The transparent LED video screen is light and thin, which is often used with the glass curtain wall and the glass window. The transparent LED video screen can be directly attached to the original structure without adding any additional structure, which is safer and reduces the cost;

The high quality transparent LED stage display is easy to realize the customized production, which reduces the cost of the customers to a great extent. Because the most transparent LED video screen is used in the glass curtain walls and window displays, the installation environment is very complex, so the products basically need to be customized to match the structure of the building curtain walls, while the conventional LED displays are basically standardized products, with the high customization cost and great difficulty;

For indoor installation and outdoor viewing, the transparent LED display screen is safer and easier to maintain. For some special projects or special areas, it can reduce the customer's approval process or even omit the approval process, shorten the time and reduce the cost for the project implementation;

Its design is fashionable and beautiful, and very modern and scientific. It is especially suitable for "media architecture" and other fields. Its development caters to the needs of the emerging markets and successfully creates a new way of outdoor media communication.

At the same time, we also know that the transparent screen still faces some problems: first, the development of the transparent LED video screen market is not mature, so the market acceptance of the transparent screen needs to be improved, And the customers' understanding of the transparent LED video screen still stays on the basis of the original LED large screen and glass screen, and the transparent screen market is also being impacted by the traditional market.

Second, because there are many customized products of the transparent LED video screen in the market, their output is small and the cost is relatively high, it will be difficult to produce on a large scale.

In recent years, with more and more designs of the glass curtain walls, the people's demand for personalized design is also higher and higher. At the same time, due to the increasing restrictions of the conventional outdoor advertising screens, the standardized characteristics of the products will not meet the diversified needs of the market, and the transparent LED video screen will fill the shortage of the conventional display screens, even it has become a product to replace the conventional outdoor advertising screen in the curtain wall design industry.

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F15, Building A, Shenzhen Leyard LED Southern Industrial Park, No.6 Guanhe Rd., Junzi Bu Community, Guanlan Street, Longhua District, 518110, Shenzhen
+86-755-2985 8016