What are the Price and Application Scenarios of LED Spherical Screens?

01 Aug,2020

After decades of rapid development, the LED display market has undergone earth-shaking changes. Along with the continuous changes in its use needs, the design of the appearance and structure of the display is also wild and colorful. Compared with conventional display screens, LED special-shaped screens are rising rapidly throughout the industry. The current LED special-shaped screens mainly include spherical, arc, circular and cylindrical, triangular, diamond, fan-shaped, cube and other structural forms, especially the LED spherical display is more favored by users.


The LED spherical display is made by the fan blades rotating around the central axis to form a spherical surface. The entire spherical surface is an LED display. We use font software to rotate the fan blade to the corresponding position, then the corresponding point will be lit. Finally, the display content will be fully displayed on the spherical surface. It breaks the restriction of the regular shape of the traditional display screen and appears in a different shape. The spherical object can be directly projected on the display screen, and high-definition video can be played in all directions. The audience can watch 360° full viewing angle, and there will be no problem of flat viewing angle. The picture is vivid, giving people a perfect visual feast to enjoy. There are three main types of LED spherical screens on the market: watermelon peel spherical screen, triangular spherical screen, and six-sided panoramic spherical screen. So, what are the application areas of LED spherical screens?


In fact, LED spherical screens are mainly used in museums, science and technology museums, exhibition halls, outdoor spherical video advertisements and other places. It can not only play video, graphics, image advertising and brand promotion, but also can be used for decoration and lighting.

1. Application in museums. Install LED spherical screens at prominent locations in the museum hall. The screen displays the museum's development history and the list of cultural relics videos. It not only attracts the audience's attention strongly in appearance, but also can be stretched synchronously and asynchronously, with a 360-degree viewing angle, which brings people a visually stunning impact.

2. Application in Science and Technology museums. Install LED spherical screens at the entrance of the Science and Technology Museum. The contents played on the screen are various celestial bodies and physical phenomena. The pictures that the audience can see are more sci-fi, and tourists are just like traveling in the mysterious vast space.

3. Application in exhibition halls. LED spherical screen, combined with sound, shadow, light, electricity and other technologies, It is seamlessly intertwined, using high-tech means to display the dynamic space of the exhibition hall in a diversified and three-dimensional manner, bringing the audience an immersive 360° full-view audio-visual experience.

4. Application in outdoor spherical video advertising. It is very common to use LED spherical screens in star hotels, large open spaces, railway stations, ports, shopping malls and so on. The display screen displays the merchant's discount advertisement and brand image. People who travel from all directions will be attracted by the spherical display screen, which will bring more potential customers to the business.


It is believed that in the near future, both ordinary merchants and large brand manufacturers will use this advantage of LED spherical screens to attract more customers. It is different from the traditional LED display, providing a new perspective for the audience. When viewers watch the corporate products and corporate brand image, they will be full of freshness and impact, which will bring more economic benefits to the company.

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F15, Building A, Shenzhen Leyard LED Southern Industrial Park, No.6 Guanhe Rd., Junzi Bu Community, Guanlan Street, Longhua District, 518110, Shenzhen
+86-755-2985 8016