The Advantages of Floor LED Display and Installation Precautions

19 Jul,2021

Ⅰ. Advantages of floor LED display

The floor LED display is portable, flexible, easy to install and maintain. Moreover, interactive sensing functions can be added according to customized needs and upgraded to interactive LED floor tiles. The products are used in stages, concerts, performances, bars, discos, shopping centers, and other fields. The reason why floor LED displays are more and more widely used is that it has the following advantages:

1. Fast and flexible installation: It can be installed directly without tools or on rails.

2. High load-bearing performance: aluminum alloy material structure, with a load-bearing capacity of more than 1.5 tons/㎡.

3. Excellent maintenance performance: It can be exchanged directly without dismantling adjacent cabinets.

4. High-contrast design: technically designed mask, clear playback effect.

5. Outstanding low-brightness and high-gray effects, uniform grayscale display, and good consistency.

The most common installation method of floor LED display is rail installation: the connection between the screen and the screen is installed with a rail. The rail has two specifications, 500mm long and 1000mm long. In order to realize a large screen, it is also necessary to assemble the guide rails. As a famous flexible LED screen manufacturer, Leyard is dedicated to providing you the best LED screen. Call us if you are in need of a good quality floor LED display.

Leyard Floor LED Screen

Ⅱ. Pay attention to the following items during installation of floor LED screen:

1. Please read the safety warning before installation, power supply, and commissioning.

2. Ensure that the installation structure of the smart LED screen can bear 5 times the weight of the total weight of the screen, installation accessories, and wires.

3. Make sure that there are no easy-dropping objects above the installation position of the screen to avoid damage to the screen and cause casualties.

4. Ensure that no explosive objects are placed within 1m from the floor LED display.

5. Guide rail installation, the size of the screen is not limited and can be infinitely large; but in actual projects, the screen has a size.

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