Installation Skills and Display Requirements of LED Curtain Wall Screen

04 Sep,2020

Nowadays, LED glass curtain wall screens have been more and more used in outdoor advertising. How to install LED glass curtain wall screens to meet its display requirements? Here is the answer for you.

1. Installation Method of LED Glass Curtain Wall Screen

On the premise of avoiding damage to the appearance and structure of the glass curtain wall, the installation method will be different according to the actual situation of the site:

(1) Fully Hidden Frame: Fix the LED glass display on the aluminum alloy frame. The upper and lower sides correspond to the upper and lower beams of the aluminum alloy frame. The two sides of the glass correspond to the two vertical bars on the left and right of the aluminum alloy frame.

(2) Semi-Hidden Frame: Since both vertical and horizontal hidden glass curtain walls and vertical and horizontal hidden glass curtain walls are called semi-hidden frame glass curtain walls, there are two installation methods for this kind of semi-hidden frame curtain wall glass. Vertical and horizontal concealment is to install and fix the glass in the groove, and then use glass glue to reinforce it. For vertical concealment and horizontal concealment, put the glass in the aluminum alloy inlay groove of the horizontal rod, then cover the glass Press the plate, and finally hide the aluminum alloy vertical rod behind the glass.

(3) Exposed Frame: The glass structure of the exposed frame curtain wall adopts special aluminum alloy profiles and glass frames, or profile steel as the frame. The aluminum alloy frame in the entire LED glass display will be exposed outside.

(4) Hanger type: This is an installation method where the column is welded to the stainless-steel pendant. The four claws of the pendant are connected to the glass holes of the curtain wall, and one hole corresponds to one claw. It can also be said that a hole is drilled in each of the four corners of the glass, and then the glass is fixed on the four claws of the stainless-steel pendant.

(5) Non-framework: The glass on the non-framework curtain wall can also be called structural glass. This kind of curtain wall is mostly used on the first floor of a building, similar to the floor-to-ceiling windows of a building. The glass is installed in the form of hoisting, which is a method of suspending the glass from above using well-balanced hooks or special profiles. The operation steps are to first use special profile hooks to fix on the main frame of the channel steel, and then hang the channel steel on the bottom of the plate or under the beam. To strengthen the rigidity of the glass, you can also add a support frame or horizontal files.

2. The Display Requirements of the LED Glass Curtain Wall Screen

(1) The unit is modularized and the whole screen is "no seams". When playing the video, the image will not be cut by the seams, which will affect the visual effect.

(2) The color of the entire screen is consistent and uniform with its brightness and height, and can be corrected point by point. It completely avoids chromatic aberration, dark corners, dark edges, "patching" and other phenomena.

(3) Tue to the greater influence of outdoor light, the brightness of the LED glass display must be above 4000cd/㎡. Moreover, it supports intelligent adjustment of brightness, which can change the light and shade of the surrounding environment, making the picture more comfortable and presenting the details perfectly.

(4) It has a wide viewing angle, which can support a large viewing angle of 140° horizontally/140° vertically, satisfying different viewing angles and covering more audiences.

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F15, Building A, Shenzhen Leyard LED Southern Industrial Park, No.6 Guanhe Rd., Junzi Bu Community, Guanlan Street, Longhua District, 518110, Shenzhen
+86-755-2985 8016